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Training Modules Overview

The materials on this website are intended for use by multidisciplinary higher education faculty (including adjunct faculty) for the purpose of embedding core principles of infant mental health into existing curricula.


Below is an overview of each of the Training Modules and their materials you will have access to once becoming a member.  For more information on how to become a member please contact the MACMH-IEC office.


1. Introductory powerpoint slides on assessment in early childhood
2. Link to a 5 minute video on key elements of assessment in early childhood
3. Suggested readings for students

Building Reflective Capacity

1.  Audio scenarios for use with students to build reflective capacity
2. A multiple perspectives activity
3. Parallel process chart, bringing the concept to life


1. A sheet defining: What is Endorsement? 
2. Clarification on Endorsement categories. 
3. The MACMH-IEC Principles of Practice


1. A set of video examples of Fluency by Dr. Anne Gearity, PhD
2. Fluency handout for students
3. Dr. Gearity's powerpoint on fluency.

Impact of Trauma

1. A description of the Attachment/Culture/Trauma model by Chandra Ghosh Ippen, PhD
2. Reading assignments for students
3. Links to videos and essential sites to use in coursework on this topic.


1. In class activities regarding intervention in IECMH
2. Powerpoint slides on intervention
3. List of links organized by broad intervention topics.


1. Short interview with Kathleen Thomas PhD
2. Reading assignments on early brain development
3. Powerpoint slides from a presentation by Kathleen Thomas PhD

Parent Growth & Development

1. Presentations by Sara Langworthy PhD and Carol Siegel Phd
2. 2+2 worksheet - an in class activity for students
3. Reading assignments for students


1. Handout: The unique developmental and relational needs of infants, toddlers and families, in brief
2. Guidelines for relationship based work by Michele Fallon, LICSW
3. In class activity exploring students attitudes about fathers.